Within the depths of Funerary Call exists a deep cthonic communion with the abyss. Slight shimmers in the aether, whispers from beyond, faces in the smoke, disembodied voices that are not what they seem: with each subsequent transmission, the cyclopean path slowly plummets further and further into Tartarean realms. One of the earliest innovators of ritual black ambient has presented otherworldly auras for nearly 20 years, observing an ongoing descent into an unexplored current of dark subconscious dimensions.

Tracing the path back to Funerary Call’s origins and initiatory rites in 1994 reveals the restless nature of this nightside entity. It has been a continuous shedding of skin, a constant evolution, and a course through uncharted territory. From the blackest vitriolic soundscapes and bombastic rhythms to subtle vibrations and devious musicality, the tendrils stretch far beyond the boundaries of electronic and acoustic music. Incarnations can never last for long, and with each release all expectations are sidestepped but a consistency of vision remains. In whichever form, Funerary Call has celebrated the exploration of man’s darker half: the shadow-self.

Through a devotional commitment to the ritual of sound, all manner of talasmanic implements, found objects, natural elements, field recordings, and digital/analog hardware coalesce into a densely frightening vision.

Early cassette demos and EP’s reveal a manifestation that forces the listener through a barrage of percussive madness and moonlit cemetery obeisance. A natural state resides in the infamous Ross Bay boneyard. Subsequent iterations crept into formless realms of terror: an audio harnessing of raw, instinctual fear. Obscure tapes, CDRs, and eventual full length albums transferred a cryptic Lovecraftian sensibility that still manages to evoke unparalleled horror. Slowly plunging deeper and deeper into the heart of a practitioner, the spiritual depths of most Funerary Call recordings give the feeling of just seeing past the veil long enough. Enticing as this forbidden glimpse has been we cannot even fathom where it has taken us. It has been a slow, imperceptible shift that provides the honest feeling of communication with another source beyond the perceptible.

In a haze of incense smoke from a veiled chamber, Funerary Call creates an unsettling ancient atmosphere that aims to transcend the perceptive listener, spiritually and emotionally – beyond all boundaries and limitations.